Does Life Matter Any More?

I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog, since I have not written in many months.  I have several topics to tackle in the coming weeks but today I have been side tracked by the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.   His untimely suicide has captured the attention of the world.  This morning Good Morning America spent nearly the first fifteen minutes of their broadcast talking about Robin Williams and the influence he has had on our nation over the years.   Robin spent 40 years entertaining the world, mostly with comedic acts, but some of the parts that I best remember are those of a more serious nature.  Mr. Williams did have a unique ability, no matter what role he played, to make you laugh, feel good about life, and simply enjoy the time you got to “spend with him”.

As I sit here writing this blog, my heart is deeply saddened.  I am struggling to understand how someone who had the apparent wealth that Mr. Williams had, had a great talent that he had, was a great success in his field of expertise, and had so many friends could simply take his own life.!?    I know so many people will scream “DEPRESSION” and I realize that, but my point is we as humans look at Mr. Williams success and we envy him, yet he struggled so desperately with alcoholism and deep depression for years.    We wonder how in the world can someone get to the point of such despair that they take their own life?

I can only simply say sin is the reason.  I have known several people in my short life that have taken their own lives for one reason or another and it so deeply saddening. Words can never express the heartbreak of having someone you know take their own life.  We have heard in recent years of several prominent Christian leaders whose children have taken their own lives, for one reason or another.  But the main reason is sin: we have been duped into believing by our great enemy that our lives simply don’t matter, that our lives are worthless and have no real meaning.

While this has been the plan of the enemy since the beginning of time, I believe that is has become worse since the 1970’s when we legalized abortion.   We can so readily take the life of an unborn baby and call it choice, yet when someone kills a pregnant woman and the baby dies we call it murder.  We have watched over the last years that life has no significant meaning as we have killed over 50 million unborn children. Yet, we stand surprised by what is going on around us.  Our news headlines are filled with stories of murder and violence, so much so that at times it seems like ALL HOPE is lost.  In June two 12 year old girls were accused of stabbing their 12 year old friend 19 times so that they could honor a mythological creature (  I could share story after story in recent weeks and months of incomprehensible murders.  From time to time we read or hear of stories of a murder happening over sneakers or a coat or some other trivial item.  I ask does life have any meaning any more?

While it can be very depressing to listen to the news any more (and by the way I have not even touched on things happening over seas), I do believe there is still hope!  I cannot place my hope in anything of this world because it is simply fleeting away (Matthew 6:19-20), life is but a vapor (James 4:14), and it is so very short compared to eternity (Psalm 89:47).  My hope is placed in the Lord.  The verse that comes back to my memory is a famous one found in Jeremiah 1:4 ff. which says, “Now the word of the Lord came to me saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you'”.  Because God formed us our lives are valuable and significant.  Read Psalms 139:13-16; Jeremiah 29:11; II Peter 1:3 and various other passages that show our lives have great value and that we are valuable to the Lord.

With the passing of Robin Williams I am reminded of two things. First, LIFE is valuable.  God ordained life and therefore my life and the life of ALL human beings is valuable.  We are not insignificant, but we have great value and purpose in this life.  So no matter how desperate things appear, there is always hope.  Secondly, the enemy, Satan, is very much a live and roaming this earth trying to destroy everything.  In this, he tries to destroy the work that the Lord can do and wants to do through me.  I have been reminded too often how quickly life is passing by.  How many people have I come in contact with and simply said “hello” followed by a polite “how are you?”, yet never really truly desiring or wanting to hear a TRUE answer to that question.  Satan does not want us to care about one another.  He doesn’t want us to take time to genuinely demonstrate through our words and actions that life is valuable, that others around us valuable or prove their lives matter any more. But they do matter.  Our lives matter to the Lord and others lives should matter to us.

Let’s start living and acting like life is valuable!

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